Friday, September 21, 2007

ESPN Pet Peeve

This is something that has bothered me for years and I can't believe it has taken me this long to blog about it.

When I go to ESPN to check the standings during a season I have certain expectations, and that includes seeing my team's record WITHOUT SCROLLING.

Check out MLB - BAM! AL East right on top.
Check out NBA - POW! Eastern Conference on top.
Check out NHL - WHAM! Eastern Conference right on top.

Check out NFL - SCREEEEEEEEEEEEECH! Wha'happened! What's this NFC league? (Is that like the minors or something?) Where's the AFC? Did they stop playing football in the only conference that matters? I don't think so because I saw my Pats romp all over baby LT and his charger team.

Mind you my screen resolution is ludicrous! I can put 2 web pages side by side on this 17" laptop screen with 1920 x 1200 resolution working. There is no excuse for me NOT to see the entire AFC standings scroll-free!

I noticed this started a few years back, I am sure it is somehow related to marketing or some network deal, however FOX seems to have a deal with NFC teams (at least they used to, most games I watch on DirecTV anyways) but still if you go and check out there are the Pats sitting on top of the entire NFL standings (it's something we have become accustomed to in New England). Check out same thing.

I plan to raise a formal campaign against ESPN's NFL standings. We will mobilize, this madness has to stop! Everyone knows that for those "other" conferences (NL, Western, Smythe Division, etc. etc.) you should have to scroll. It's related to the timezones or something. Our games start earlier - therefore we are listed 1st, why can't ESPN get with the program! Anyone willing to root for one of those loser teams deserves to do some scrolling on their dial-up modems on AOL or Compuserve. It's the natural order of things!

To top it all off, doesn't EPSN have a bad REP for being East-Coast biased (which to me isn't a bias as much as good sense). They of all people should have the NFL standings they way mother nature intended!


Anonymous said...

Smythe division...hahahhaa.

I've been in the American League my entire life. Every little league baseball team I've ever been on was American League. I remember specifically wondering when I was a kid where the heck the National League kids came from. What the hell is the National League? Why do they wear blue hats? I'm uncomfortable with the NL in all respects.

I'm a republican and a jerk (redundant in the eyes of my friends). I don't care to alleviate social inequalities which currently benefit me. If someone wants to invest the time/effort to expunge some inequality or this or that....more power to you and I'll comply once it's accepted....but I'm not gonna go out of my way to eliminate it.

Such is the way for sports and news for the east coast and the american league. The east coast bias does exist. Well...I live on the east coast, so I'm all good with it. The american league was smart enough to establish a name which was alphabetically superior....sounds like good judgement to me.


Anonymous said...

all good points tommy. as part of your campaign, point out the expn is HQed in CT (a state that is part of New England). if they dont want to put our teams at the top of their standings, they need to move their HQ.