Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Vacation - Take #1

Well we are on vacation for the week, which means Shelby had to go to camp. Here is a letter I wrote to Shelby to make the transition easier:

Dear Shelby,
We just dropped you off to go to Camp Julie and I already miss you. When we got home the house seemed so quiet without you. Even though you never say a word I miss talking to you. Stay strong, we'll be home soon, and stay off those carbs (loaves of bread).

- Tom

P.S. - Be sure to thank Julie for taking good care of you with some licks.


Dale said...

Just when you thought you've heard it all

Karen said...

waht the heck is camp julie!?

Tom S. said...

Meghan's Aunt Julie has 3 Dogs and helped us out by taking Shelby for the week! Hence - Camp Julie!

Martha said...

And to think I just send Milo off to a farm in Oregon where he can run around and play with other dogs. No, I don't put him down!! The facility is AKA "the creepy guy's", but it is the FIRST place Milo does not tremble at the thought go going there (like other boarding facilities he's been to. So I put up with the creep so he can have a pleasant experience running like a wild dog).
Have a great vacation, and Sheby, have fun at Camp Julie!

Ivette said...

stay strong, often it is harder on the parents than the children. I just came back from camping which was definitely harder on me than gabi who just thought I'd gotten her the worlds biggest sandbox.