Sunday, September 16, 2007

Red Sox / Yankees Games

Went to the 8-7 Loss (heart breaking with a 7-2 lead in the 8th)
Went to the 10-1 Win (beatdown, shout out to KJ and the gang for being at the game!)

Learned a new definition:

Optimistic op·ti·mis·tic [op-tuh-mis-tik] -
The car load of 4 guys who paid $32 to park in a Fenway lot next to us to TRY to get tickets to the Sox / Yankees game. Good luck guys... it would take a miracle!

More to come on the awesome seats and a cool parking garage feature as soon as I get home to take the images off my computer!

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Anonymous said...

Props to the Sturgi for leaving the roofbox seats (by choice) to come into the bleachers and hang out with us plebians.

Tim and I went to yankee stadium one night on a whim with no tickets in hand. Timmy drops me off beside the, stadium...and I start looking for scalpers. I don't know what I'm doing...I'm nervous as hell. Miraculously, I found the only scalper in New York who was more nervous than me. We both asked each other if the other person was a cop (the classic myth about whether a cop must tell you he is a cop or not...I don't know the real answer). We exchanged money/tickets and walked away from each other at about 20mph. hahah.