Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cat Mania

Cat update! OK - so our 10 month old kittens are 14 lbs on their way to a full grown 25 lbs. They are basically small tigers and they are a blast! They are so cute and have awesome personalities! I am so glad we got 2 cats at the same time, they love playing with each other and are never alone!

Some cat pics:

Cats on the Counter

Cats on the Coffee Table

Cats to Scale (10 month old kitten = 1/2 person)

Manny Eating Breakfast

Brady in a Bag

Manny Sleeping on the Floor

Walk like an Egyptian with Brady

Manny can drink out of the toilet with his paws still on the floor!


meghan said...

Beautiful Cats!

You can be honest, the last picture is really of Manny after a long night of party-ing!!

ddting said...

Manny was traded, Brady is hurt... I'm going to start the "Sturgis cat curse" rumor and see if it takes off

Karen said...

i absolutely LOLed at the walk like an egyptian cats. HA!!!!!!!

rachel said...

wow. what does shelby think of all this cat attention?

Tom S. said...

Shelby isn't the jealous type - there is plenty of love to go around. She and Luna are great with the cats!