Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Red Sox: How far we have come

Nothing can sum up the Red Sox recent run quite like an article from ESPN.com

"The Boston Red Sox brushed aside the 100-win Angels in four games, dismissing their best-in-baseball regular season as last month's news.

When it turns to October, no one dominates like Boston."

Whoa. We've come a LONG way from a team that used to keep you guessing by how they'd break your heart in October. I know some Cubs fans are crying about their 100 year quest, but let's not forget the Red Sox were not a team of lovable losers, they were a team that were (right or wrong) regularly expected to compete for a WS title. This is a team that during it's 86 year drought lost 4 game sevens in the World Series. It's mind boggling. And to me that is where the curse lived, in the fact that they were a team with so much post season success only to come up short so many times.

But now - in a short decade the Red Sox have become a team that (according to ESPN) "dominates October".

After beating the Yankees when down 3 games to none and beating Cleveland while down 3 games to 1, I have seen a lot of late.

The intention of this blog was to point out just how far we have come.

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