Monday, June 28, 2010

Hyde Park Blast 2010

We had a blast!
The Hyde Park Blast features the components that make criterium cycling racing an American legacy: the course is challenging and showcases one of Cincinnati’s most historic entertainment and retail districts; the large crowds come for the fun of the day-long event; and, the large crowd and broad community support make the Hyde Park Blast a strong marketing opportunity for our sponsors.

Meghan's cousin is a semi-pro bike rider who has competed in the Hyde Park Blast before - however he was in a wedding this year and missed it - which is a shame because it coincides with the first year that I am REALLY into cycling. so NET, Meghan and her sister and Aunt and I hit Hyde Park to watch the races and it was awesome. We only watch the Pro 1/2 and Elite race which is 75 minutes through the square and these guys are so strong and so fast! And to think they aren't even in "Le Tour" this year (The Tour de France).  I kind of think of the pro's at the Hyde Park Blast as minor league baseball (maybe A ball) since they are WAY better than most and may even make some money doing, but are a long way from the majors (where Lance Armstrong is). The Cat 1/2 pros finish under the lights which is pretty cool - but down the back alleys it is dark and there are some crazy partiers down there trying to give beers and dollars to the bikers going by.

Things you will see at the Hyde Park Blast

  • Awesome bikers
  • Dogs and people on the Roof watching the race
  • Street parties
  • Bikers stopping for a beer brake (what a riot)

Here's a video of the start!

Here's a street view - these guys are MOVING!

Here's a tight corner through the streets:

And the fast corner at the bottom of the hill:

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Ivette said...

oh i have always loved the hyde park blast, I wish i had been there!