Thursday, June 03, 2010

Ready for the Triathlon?

This is a question I ask myself. The race is this Sunday. Basically I am WAY ahead of where I was for last fall's Triathlon, however I still wish I had done more for this race.

Below is my training (BLUE = running, RED = Biking).

I've done a lot since the last triathlon. I ran my 1st race (10K). Then I ran the half marathon. I thought this would help me get in shape for the running part of the triathlon, only it created issues with my knee which I never had before - so I haven't actually run since the half marathon (if you exclude the time I tried to run and got 3 miles from home and had to have Meghan pick me up because I couldn't even limp home). So overall - I think the half marathon didn't help me physically train for the tri - but it is nice to think that I only have to run 5.5 miles in the tri and I have run 13.1 before - so there is a good feeling there. Also running the half marathon in the rain let me know I don't need to bring a change of shoes for the triathlon. If our canoe dumps (like the 20% of canoes we saw last year) then I'll be fine to just run in wet shoes (just no cotton socks!).

I have also done a bunch of stuff in the biking world as well since the last triathlon. I bought a really comfy seat because my last one hurt. I also bought a new cassette to help with hills, and I bought an indoor trainer so I could ride my bike in the winter. I've progressed the most in the biking realm - too bad it is the last event in the triathlon and if I am exhausted by then it may not matter - but I have put a lot more miles on my bike this time and feel great about the biking part. What I like about biking is that there is more equipment to optimize - the bike etc. It's pretty fun for an engineer.

I also had a professional bike fit at Montgomery Cyclery. It was exactly like what you see on the video like there - except no computer! It was a bit bootleg as they were dropping measuring tape and plumb lines and using levels - but it works! This made a HUGE difference as I used to have pain and fatigue in my wrists and back - now my bike feels amazing. For the cost of the fit ($75) they spent 90 minutes measuring me and my bike and making adjustments. They also included a new stem ($60 value) as mine was too long and too short. My new stem has a 17 degree rise and is much closer to my body, and my arms feel great!  I also used to ride with my hands on top of the hoods - I did not feel comfortable riding in the "drops" on my bike (which is the most aerodynamic way to ride) and now I do it most of the time because my bike just fits me better.

I also went to my doctor to get a prescription for asthma - and long story short he was concerned when I told him about my high heart rate while exercising (apparently most people don't read 208 on their polar's) - so he sent me to a cardiologist. An EKG, Thyroid test, Heart Rate Monitor and Echocardiogram later I have a clean bill of health and a high heart rate. I have a prescription for singulair instead of an inhaler just to keep the heart rate down I guess - we'll see if it helps.

Now for the goals for this year's Triathlon - they are almost the same as last year's goals.

1) Finish the darn thing!
2) Finish in under 3:30 (which I hope to do)
3) Stretch goal: Finish under 3:17 which was the median time last time

I finished the triathlon last time - so that's no longer a goal. And I'll have to shave 13 minutes off my time to finish under 3:30 but I feel like that is likely this time. Below are my current best predictions of my performance for this Sunday:

I'll have to keep my transition times short (and restroom breaks short) to make 3:30 but I think it's doable. The color coding is just based on the longest to shortest legs, as you can see improvements in biking carry disproportionate weight as it tends to be the longest leg by time.

I guess that's it - I hope to run a better triathlon this time, and continue to work out and train for the one in the fall as well.

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